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FAQ Article: Hacking Elevators (Lifts)

This is just a short (but interesting, and hopefully useful!) topic. I read an article today which talked about a "hidden feature" built into some elevators (or lifts, for all the uk folk out there) by the designers.

This hidden feature allows you to put the elevator/lift into "express mode" so that it will go directly up or down to the floor you choose, without stopping at the floors inbetween! Perfect for when you are in a hurry.

The following information is taken from

"The designers of some elevators include a hidden feature that is very handy if you're in a hurry or it's a busy time in the building (like check-out time in a hotel). While some elevators require a key, others can be put into "Express" mode by pressing the "Door Close" and "Floor" buttons at the same time. This sweeps the car to the floor of your choice and avoids stops at any other floor.

This seems to work on Most elevators that I have tried! Most elevators have the option for this to work, but on some of them the option is turned off by whoever runs them. This is a rather fun hack, so the next time you are on an elevator, give it a try, you have nothing to lose, And this concludes Hacking Elevators 101!"

Try this out, if it works for you - please post a comment below so that we know! :)
Comment by DEVAL SHARMA - 12-08-2005

The way of expressing the concept is easy and easily understandable.

Comment by OverFIeND - 02-09-2005

I find this hilarious and also quite cool.

Comment by Lessavit - 15-09-2005

Tried it at work...... and yeah it does work :D will be doing it every day now.... its a bugger working on the 7th floor

Comment by mako - 07-07-2006

will have to test on uk lifts, nie hack though
got any more good ones like this?

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